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About FTA

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Focus Tennis Academy started in 2013 situated in Annapurneshwari Nagar, Bangalore.

With fully operational five tennis courts which allow children from in and around the neighbourhood to finally put the ground to good use.

Focus Tennis Academy is not only focusing on tennis also focusing on scientifical methodology training also focusing on basic & pro-advance fitness program.


The plan of making the tennis court is for the kids, ladies, home makers to get out of their house and make the best use of their talent.  While there is no doubt that the progress has been made. children, adults/ladies/home makers enrolled with the academy.

Focus Tennis Academy also adopted 5 talented sports kids and training them, providing them food, education etc.,

Here at FTA we offer a wide range of professional certified coaching and fitness services ranging from the basic for beginners to advanced level for tournament players. We make tennis a fun loving and help your kids reach their aspiration level for the game.

Fitness Training

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Type of fitness:

General Fitness

Basic Fitness

Advance Fitness

Pro-Advance Fitness

The drills provided here will help players to develop the cardiovascular fitness they

need to succeed while also improving movement efficiency footwork and balance.

Introduced fitness program with feeding for tournment players.



Tennis Programes

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Want to sharpen your tennis game ?

Want to play good tennis or better tennis ?

  • Intensive training program for Beginners, Intermediate, Semi Advance & Advanced players.